Recycling in Morgan County

We encourage you to make use of these local recycling sites. 

Please do not place recyclable materials in plastic bags into bins!

Please flatten boxes.

Brooklyn: 16 North Main St. 

Martinsville: 160 N. Park Ave.

Next to Morgan County Jail

Monrovia: 395 S Chestnut St. 
Far east edge of Monrovia Elementary School

Morgantown: 269 Highland St. 

Paragon: 300 N Main St. 

Adjacent to Paragon Town Hall

Items Accepted at
Recycling Center Locations

Items Accepted:

  • Plastics # 1 thru # 7 (except Styrofoam (#6) and plastic bags).

  • Aluminum and Steel cans.

  • Glass: clear, green and brown food/beverage containers.

  • Newspapers, magazines, office paper and FLATTENED CARDBOARD.

  • Clean milk, soup, juice, broth or wine cartons.


The vendors that maintain our six Morgan County Recycling Sites have converted to “Single Stream Recycling.”  That means that all the items for recycling may go into the same bin—there is no sorting at this stage.

ALL BAGS MUST BE EMPTIED! The vendors have informed us that because of their mechanized sorting facilities, they don’t have time to empty bags.  As a result, any items in plastic bags will be set aside and sent to a landfill!

Thank you!


Items NOT Accepted:

  • Rubbish/trash, plastic bags, Styrofoam products, light bulbs, drinking glasses, window panes, mirrors, ceramics, motor oil containers or antifreeze containers.

Items should not be contaminated by food or residue of any kind.

Anyone caught placing trash in the bins or leaving items on ground near bins could be subject to fines (up to $500.00) or prosecution!

Other Recycling Opportunities

Help our earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling! Here are businesses ready to take various items.

Goodwill Industries - 765-349-0009

Accepts computers and other electronics for free recycling at all donation locations in central Indiana.

NuGenesis, Inc - 800-487-1010.

Accepts appliances and old electronics for recycling; fees apply. 

Adkins Recycling - 765-342-0841

Cell Phones w/ battery, Complete PC Towers & Laptops, Batteries, Routers, Hubs, Modems, Televisions, etc. Aluminum & Steel. Accepts some quantities of used motor oil. 

Abitibi PaperRetriever Program

Abitibi has approximately 30 bright green and yellow paper recycling bins at various sites around the county—mostly at churches and schools.


Accepts plastic plant trays, pots, and tags from previous purchases.

LaFary’s - 317-341-0700

Buys metals, will also accept used car batteries and used motor oil. Accepts used tires for a fee.

Morgan County Habitat for Humanity Restore


Accepts furniture, appliances in good working condition, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and counter tops, general household items, and building materials.

Ray’s Trash Service, Inc. - 800-531-6752

Offers curbside pick-up in northern Morgan County; Accepts glass bottle and jars, newspapers, cans, and plastic containers #1 through #7.

SCI-REMC and Morgan County Public Library

They both accept CFL light bulbs, and the REMC also accepts cell phones.