The Morgan County Soil and Water Conservation District partners with Morgan County Solid Waste to provide conservation education. We are available to provide programs to your Morgan County classrooms, home school groups, scout groups, clubs, organizations, or businesses! We have a variety of subjects ranging from recycling/reducing/reusing, worm composting, where trash goes, electronic/cell phone recycling, watersheds & water pollution, and more.


Call the Soil and Water Conservation District to inquire, 765-349-2060.


Grades 3 - 7, 50 min.

Students learn about e-cycling, the stages (from material extraction to end of life) required to produce a cell phone and recycle it, what resources are extracted the earth, the parts of a real cell phone, why & where we should recycle cell phones, understand BIG numbers, & inventory their homes for electronics.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

3rd Grade, 40 min.

When trash is thrown away, students learn through an activity it really doesn’t go away. Students  are challenged to  rethink daily actions to reduce landfill waste. 

Santa Goes Green

Grades K - 1st, 45 min.


How to have an eco-friendly Christmas.  Santa Clause is dreaming of a green Christmas!  By changing his own ways, he shows boy and girls around the world that they can have a festive holiday filled with decorations, presents, and treats-while giving back to the Earth.

Watershed, Where Does Your Rain Drain?

3rd Grade, 60 min.


Interactive watershed landscape model shows soil erosion and water pollution. Students participate in hands-on activities and discussion about stormwater, Point source and non -point source pollution, as well as conservation practices. 

Teachers provide floor space for 3-4 groups of students to work on building model; SWCD provides all other supplies. 

Worms Eat My Garbage: Composting 101

1st - 4th Grade, 50 min.


Students learn how to change garbage into treasure through composting, ways to recycle household and lawn waste and begin to understand the biological process that occurs when tiny, microscopic organisms break down old plant and animal tissues and recycle them to make new, healthy soil.